Kim Kardashian Shared Another Photo Of Saint West, And This Time He’s Actually Awake

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Kim Kardashian Shared Another Photo of Saint West  and This Time He s Actually Awake Saint West March 2016 jpg

Kim Kardashian started the week by showing off her naked body on Instagram, and she’s ending it by showing off her naked baby on Instagram. It’s cropped, though, so no black bars are necessary. This is the second photo of 3-month-old baby Saint West that Kim has shared, if you don’t count the one of his tiny baby hand. Some people have different standards for first baby photos. You might think the baby has to be awake for it to be a first photo, in which case congratulations, you’re looking at the first ever photo of Saint West! Who would have ever guessed he actually had eyes?

Kim captioned the photo “You’re the sun in my morning babe.” And really, no matter what time of day it is for you or what the weather’s like, how could this little baby not be sunshine for you? He’s freakin’ adorable. Look at that fluffy hair and those big brown eyes. He hasn’t reached the looking miserable stage of Instagram posing yet, which his big sister North West unfortunately reached in her very first photo, and is still rocking on all forms of social media almost three years later.

Perhaps Kim’s camera-ready gene got passed on to Saint, and Kanye West’sGet that camera the hell away from me I’m an artist!” gene got passed on to North. Together they will bring balance to the Force. Because, is it just me, or does Saint totally look like he’s posing up there? Looking off into the distance like he’s totally unaware someone’s taking his photograph. His expression says, “Who? Me?” Watch your back, Kendall Jenner. There’s a new supermodel in the family now. And sorry, North, but I’m not sure you’ll have the escape partner you were probably hoping for. Better stick to Penelope Disick for that.

(Photo: Instagram)