The 10 Best #SadGoogleSearches Tweets From Twitter Today

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So sad.

Alright you guys, we're trying this new thing again, where we take one of the best trending topics of the day off of Twitter and do a round-up of our favorite responses. Yesterday was, regretfully #MockObamaDay, and we got some…ahem…very vociferous responses back. Hopefully today will be just as hilarious but also slightly less controversial. Dare to dream.

So you know that thing where you Google something and think nothing of it, and then the next time you come back to your computer, there it is in your history shaming you silently and you're like, “WHAT WHEN WHY DID I LOOK UP WHETHER HARRY STYLES IS SINGLE. I'm twenty-five years old and now I have to cry myself to sleep.” Do you know that thing? Well we all do that, and someone created a hilarious hashtag about it. So enjoy, losers! The 10 Best #SadGoogleSearches Tweets From Twitter Today!


This one's for you, Jenni.


Oh Blink-182. I wish the internet knew how to quit you, but this is an excellent use of your time. I love me some celebrities being self-deprecating. Seriously.




In my case, it's an old America's Next Top Model marathon an embarrassing amount of the time.


Let's share this information with the populus as well, because I feel pretty sure I belong here.


Stay informed. It's a dangerous, all-you-can-eat world out there.


Oh my god please spend none of your time on this.


Strong use of the hashtag. You win the medal.


!!! But is there really only one Pizza Hut in all of Newark? Poor Newark. And poor Pizza Hut! And poor this guy.

I have only ever used them for getting fat, but yes they do!

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