Rumor Mill: Is Jenelle Evans Having Another Baby In Order to Stay Famous?

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Several of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘ friends (well, I guess ex-friends) have told Life & Style that Jenelle is planning to get pregnant again in order to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. Since she already gave up custody of son Jace to mom Barbara Evans, she's apparently starting over with a new kid instead of trying to repair her relationship with her existing kid. According to the article, “Rumor has it Jenelle spends more time with her boyfriend than taking care of her children.” Rumor has it? I think we've pretty much established that as straight-up fact. Also, the next sentence is “Apparently her mother is becoming frustrated with her because it seems the only time she wants to spend with her children is when the cameras are rolling.” Ya think? Barbara has said so herself. It's so achingly obvious that Jenelle only claims to care about Jace when it suits her own purposes, such as being able to mooch off of Barbara's seemingly endless patience or trying to make herself look like a victim during the reunion special. Perhaps Jenelle's recent adoption of a dog is proof that she's in hardcore image-rehabilitation mode. And maybe if we're all really lucky, Kieffer Delp has smoked so much weed that he's sterile.