Live, Laugh, Links: You Say ‘Gratuitously Sexual’ Like It’s A Bad Thing

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Adele maybe kind of sort of accidentally on purpose reveals her baby name to us. Did you catch all that? (CollegeCandy)

• Aw c'mon! Can't a fella look at photos of Rosie Huntington-Whitely in her underwear anymore without them being labeled as ‘gratuitously sexual'? (TheFrisky)

• Sometimes real life is better than a fairytale. Unless you're Taylor Swift, in which case every day is a fairytale and all your dreams are rainbows. (TheCollegeCrush)

• Use your dream celebrity crush to determine what book you should read! It's as easy as Life of Pi! (Gurl)

• Is pole-dancing a sport? Follow-up question: am I a stripper? (TheFrisky)

• Pictures of Michelle Kwan‘s wedding dress. Ice skates not included! (BettyConfidential)

• Want to sound smart at your next cocktail party! Here's what you need to know about Medicaid! (MoneyCrashers)

(Photo: TheFrisky)