Romeo Beckham Is 10-Years Old And A Burberry Model, Which Is Fine Because I’m Also Successful

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Romeo Beckham Burberry campaign 2013 model Posh David Beckham

The actual ad. No Photoshop, supposedly. Sorry that Romeo's head looks like it's been added in ala an ‘Elf Yourself' video.

He was already the child of two of the most beautiful and fashionable people on the planet, and now we're gonna treat him accordingly? That just doesn't seem fair. Romeo Beckham, the 10-year old progeny of Victoria and David Beckham, just became the face of the Burberry 2013 campaign. In case you were keeping track, that means a 10-year old is now more successful and more attractive than you. You know, just in cse you mentally store those pesky little details like I do.

Romeo is apparently the most fashion-forward of the Beckham boys, excluding Papa Becks of course. According to David:

‘Brooklyn will just wear his soccer shirts and T-shirts, but Romeo is the fashion one, so he'll go for skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and funny hats. One Christmas he asked for a pair of Spats shoes.

Oh god. I know I'm getting old when the Beckham kids are starting to have distinct characteristics and personalities instead of just being baby-sized fashion lumps. Karl Lagerfeld also says that Romeo is ‘cute, handsome, [and] polite'. Which is fine because Karl Lagerfeld totally talks about me to the media, too.

But as much as he's supposedly so great to work with — according to a source at the shoot he was ‘a joy to work with and really stole the show' — look how unprofessional he is in this behind-the-scenes clip! Look at him laughing and shaking his umbrella at those two models who aren't as fashionable as his mom and dad! What a charming little fashion icon. Wait, no. Not charming! I meant to write ‘rude'! What a dashing little fashion icon. No! Goddamnit! Rude! What a…beloved little cherub. Ugh, fine. I give up. I guess I just need to acknowledge that he's so adorable that my computer literally won't let me write anything snarky about him.

You better hold on tight to that Burberry umbrella, you precious little celebrity, because you'll need it to shelter yourself from my hot salty tears of self-pity. Although I'm hoping they don't actually hit the umbrella, because it costs a quarter of my rent.

(Image: Burberry)