Robert Downey Jr.’s Son Was Arrested For Coke Possession, Which Is Tragically Ironic

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Robert Downey Jr. looking down GIF[UPDATE: Robert Downey Jr. has released a statement on behalf of the family.

“Unfortunately there’s a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it. Also, there is a lot of family support and understanding, and we’re all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he’s capable of being. We’re grateful to the Sheriff’s department for their intervention, and believe Indio can be another recovery success story instead of a cautionary tale.”

Sounds great to me.]

News is breaking right now that Robert Downey Jr.‘s son was arrested for cocaine possession this weekend, and while everyone's experience with drugs is different, and their struggles equally valid, I can't help feeling that this is tragically ironic on a ton of levels.

Apparently the arrest took place in West Hollywood on Sunday, when a police officer pulled alongside the vehicle that RDJ's twenty-year old son Indio was a passenger in, they saw him smoking something from a pipe. They allegedly found cocaine during a subsequent search of the car, and Indio was arrested and charged with possession. He was able to post his $10,000 bail and was released, to have what I'm sure are some very emotionally-loaded conversations with his parents.

…because Robert Downey Jr. is a recovering addict himself, obviously, and had his own extremely public struggles with drugs, going through multiple arrests, trips to rehab, and relapses between the years of 1996 and 2001. Not that his son is responsible for any of that, but you've got a really good resource living in the same house with you, man! If you have any problems or questions, you gotta know that of all people, your dad has answers.

Robert was able to get the help he needed to pull himself out of drug abuse, so even if you don't respect the amount of knowledge that he'd be able to offer you, I'm hoping Indio at least respects himself and his own health enough to accept that help now that he's had his first taste of some of the consequences of drug use.

Or at least that he'll be responsible enough not to tempt fate by having or doing drugs around a recovering addict — his own father. Tragic tragic irony.

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