I Hate To Exaggerate, But This Kid’s Mashup Of ‘Roar’ And ‘Brave’ Will Lead To World Peace

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Roar Brave mashup video

I think by now we've all heard the comparisons between Katy Perry's new single “Roar” and Sara Bareilles' not-as-new single “Brave.” They sound pretty similar, and since last week was unofficially Plagiarism Week in the music community (I've heard it's their Shark Week), everyone was up in arms about it. My biggest takeaway from the whole thing was that I really love “Brave,” and I've consequently been singing it to myself around the house for a week. And I'm apparently not the only one, because sales of the song have skyrocketed since Katy's little ditty was released, jumping 20 places on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But in the midst of all this conflict, someone had the courage to embrace the similarity and make something great out of it. That someone is the kid in this video.

YouTube user jdviolinboy put together this video of himself singing a mashup of the two songs, with a little Jason Derulo and Lumineers thrown in, as you do. Mark my words, this kid will be on Glee as somebody's musically gifted little brother within a year. Except don't mark my words, because I make a lot of predictions like that and they don't always come true. Even if I was TOTALLY RIGHT in thinking Battleship would win Best Picture last year. Whatever.

As jdviolinboy explains in the video's description, he put this together himself using a Boss loop pedal, which Wikipedia tells me is “a digital sampler built into a foot switch-operated pedal of the kind most often used by guitarists to create looping layers of melody or texture during a live performance.” Needless to say, I do not own one of those or ever come close to using one, but I did put a new coffee filter in this morning, so I'd say I'm doing just fine.

Highlights of this video include the Pikachu pillow that watches from the background, the way this talented kid harmonizes with himself and casually coughs when the recording of his voice is playing, and the way he sings “roaaaar” in “Roar.” Watch it below and get ready for world peace. Or at least music community peace. For like an hour. I mean, the VMAs are this weekend; somebody's gotta fight.

(via Jezebel)