Rihanna Buying Sweet Baby Gifts For Adele’s Son Gives Us Hope That She’ll Be OK

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Adele baby gifts funny onesies son Rihanna friends sweet hope awwI have to say, I was a little let down by this article in The Sun about how Rihanna came up with “the most inventive gift[s]” for Adele‘s newborn son. Spoiler: She gave Baby Boy Adele Kowicki — we don't know his name yet — some funny onesies. Or, as the Brits apparently call them, “babygros.”

They're the kind of souvenirs that I used to see every morning on the way to work when I worked in one of New York City's touristy areas. One of the onesies says My mum is a rockstar, which is actually true. The other reads, Just done nine months inside. So they're both witty, but by no means original. After I read that line in The Sun, I assumed Rihanna had showered the baby with a diamond-encrusted pacifier, or something.

But you know what? It's sweet as hell, and that's what I'm taking away from this story. I had no idea these two ladies were so close, because even though they're both music superstars, they're at very different points in their lives. Despite being just 24, Adele is married and has a newborn. Rihanna might still be sleeping with the guy who beat her up just three years ago.

But then again, this odd friendship could be just the thing to get Rihanna back on the right track. If she's around people who have their shit together, and showering their baby with sweet presents, then maybe it'll pull her out of the Chris Brown vicious cycle that she seems to keep getting stuck in. Just look at RiRi's face during the 2012 Grammys as Adele just kept winning:

Rihanna 2012 Grammys face Adele win friends aww

Aww. If Adele's Grammys make her look that happy, then imagine how restorative it would be for her to hang out with Adele's son. Maybe she feels like a kindred spirit to the little guy because within days of his birth he was already being harassed by internet trolls. In fact, I'd kinda like to see Auntie Rihanna take to Twitter to tear down all the haters.

Photos: Lia Toby/, Vulture