Ridiculous Plot Of ‘Titanic 2’ Actually Happening IRL

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Ridiculous Plot of  Titanic 2  Actually Happening IRL titanic48 251x200 jpgRemember that horror movie Titanic 2 that we were all laughing about two weeks ago? Essentially, “Some people decide to travel the course of the Titanic, and bad stuff happens because why would anyone do that?” It’s like taking a zeppelin and making it run the course of the Hindenberg.

Well, apparently the relatives of survivors of the original Titanic crash think the best way to honor their family’s memory of this horrific event would be to tempt the fates and take an ocean liner the exact same route. Says one guy who is completely sound of mind, “It will be an emotional moment when we are over the wreck site.” And while we don’t want to rain on anybody’s catharsis parade – after all, relatives of Holocaust survivors visit Auschwitz every year – there has got to be a better way to honor your family’s memory than trying to recreate the circumstances of a horrible, life-altering event. Especially because of things like this:

During the crossing, they will eat food based on the dishes served on board Titanic.


The judge ruled that RMS Titanic Inc, which displays the artefacts in museums across the world, is entitled to their full market value.

If this was a horror movie (which, again, it already is), everyone in the audience would know that trying to replicate every part of this disaster would only lead to history repeating itself. Then again, maybe we’ll find our own Leonardo DiCaprio on the boat. Damn…tough choices. Are you booking your ticket yet?