Video: This Kid Raps In 11 Different Accents, Comments On Racial Stereotypes

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We're suckers for videos with accents, so we were intrigued by this rap from YouTuber riceboyliu: He drops some beats in eleven different accents, bringing his best imitations of stereotypical Mexicans, black people, Asians, Germans, French, and (impressively) South Africans.

Parts of the video are patently offensive, but at the same time, that seems to be riceboyliu's angle: He wanted to point out which stereotypes are so ingrained in our collective consciousness. As he explained in the video summary field,

I'm being told that I might receive a Nobel Peace Prize for creating this piece of art because of its powerful message and ability to bring human beings closer together, as well as because it has absolutely nothing racist, offensive or discriminatory in it whatsoever. Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama have both praised my work, calling it “a symphonic masterpiece for humanity” and “some dope ass shit.” So, I feel pretty cool about that.

I definitely wasn't going for 100% realism and authenticity with the accents or the people portrayed, as you can probably tell. Everything is very stereotypical because every group of people has a few stereotypes and so, I thought I'd bring those out to make each accent more recognizable and to have a little fun with them. It's all about the fun, man.

What's interesting is that this kid doesn't really acknowledge his own race in his decision to make the video, but it's become the driving force of the debate on the Reddit thread where I found the video. Commenters are scolding the original poster for including “Asian” in the title, especially because judging from the kid's accent (or lack thereof) at the end, he's most likely an American citizen. Of course, as one Redditor points out, “An Asian guy doing an impression of a Russian guy is more entertaining than a Russian guy doing an impression of a Russian guy.”