Here Are The 13 Best Answers From Retta’s Reddit AMA

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Retta Reddit AMA 11-8-2013


Let me start off by saying this: if you don't follow Retta (Donna Smeagle from Parks and Rec) on Twitter, you need to start.  Like, now.  Her live tweets have changed the way I binge-watch Netflix, you guys!  Her commentary is on-point and hilarious, and sometimes I pretend I know her in real life and that we're each other's favorite drinking buddies.  Another thing to know about Retta is that she's a fan of Crushable (I'm basing this statement only off the fact that she has RT'd us more than once).  Also?  She sat down with Reddit users for her own AMA sesh yesterday, and it was just as delightful as I expected.  She loves Vivaldi, for God's sake!  She's awesome.

She took the time to answer everything in an unfoRETTAble way, making sure she addressed nearly everything she was asked.  Enjoy.

1. On which cast member has the best butt: 
I would have to say Chris Pratt, now that he's all buff and cock diesel. 

Um, yeah, can we talk about that for a minute? I mean I thought he was adorable when he was a little softer, but… whoa. 

2. On her current comedic inspirations:
Chris Rock, Tina Fey, honestly right now I'm really into Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler.

I am so with you on four out of those five, Retta.  Call me up for a martini and I'll tell you all about it.

3. On her favorite OITNB character:
I'm torn between Crazy Eyes and Tastee. Tastee makes me laugh at every turn, but Crazy Eyes has some depth that I'm dying to get to know about.

I'm telling you, if you haven't followed Retta's live tweets about this show (and pretty much any other show) you are sorely missing out.  Hilar.

4. On whether Aubrey Plaza is as awkward in real life as she is on the show:
She can be as awkward as she seems, but I think she does that because she loves to see people's response to it. But she is also a very sweet girl. And I think people would be surprised by that. I probably should not have told you.

I believe she's sweet.  I also believe she just has to be awkward.

5. On which cast member she's closest to:
I would say I'm the closest with Jim O'Heir. We became series regulars at the same time. We share a trailer. And we both gossip like a Brooklyn Jewish mom.

I am neither from Brooklyn, nor am I Jewish, nor am I a mom – but I would sooo love to gossip with Retta and Jim.

6. On how she feels about Sherlock:
The Reichenbach Fall fucked me up. I'm dying to see how it's resolved. And I really, really need to know if he's dead or if he is showing up in Watson's imagination. And I love the show. Cumberbatch can get it.

Where do I get my “Cumberbatch can get it” t-shirt?  I'd even settle for a tank-top.

7. On which of her own cast mates “can get it”:
I can't think of my castmates in that fashion! They are family. But if I had to answer… Rob Lowe.

Haha.  I think we all feel you on that one, Retta.  His heartthrob status has spanned at least two generations!

8. On the last time she “treated herself”:
Ha! It was Wednesday, and I bought myself the new Louis Vuitton black vernis Alma bag with the matching zippy wallet. I've been waiting six months for it to come in, and it finally came in. And I bought that bitch.

Hey, Retta?  I'd like to know how I can treat yo self to being my best friend, in case I haven't made that clear.  The only thing I'm treating myself to right now is Folgers coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.  Lame.

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