We Were Hoping Reese Witherspoon’s First Kid From Her New Marriage Would Have A Normal Name, But Alas

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Reese Witherspoon gives birth son Tennessee James Toth Jim Toth Ava DeaconFor someone who kept her pregnancy under wraps for a ridiculously long time, Reese Witherspoon made sure to alert the media right after she gave birth to her third child, a boy. Less than an hour ago her rep informed People, “Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcomed Tennessee James into their family today. Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled.”

We're thrilled, too, but—Tennessee? Really? It seems as if when Reese opened her Big Book of Celebrity Baby Names, she jumped right to the City and State Names section. I gotta applaud her for her ballsiness; unlike fellow celeb moms Ashlee Simpson or Victoria Beckham who went with New York City boroughs for their children (Bronx and Brooklyn, respectively), Reese decided to give her son the name of an actual state. I'd like to share this gem from Crushable Editor-in-Chief Jenni Maier, from the Skype chat: “They could call him Tennis for short.” (Check out which nicknames the Mommyish staff have already thought up!)

Of course, Reese does have a personal connection to the state of Tennessee, having grown up in Nashville. And those must have been some truly happy childhood moments, because they must outweigh Reese's recent, much more unpleasant time in Tennessee: She's had to return there to testify in court in her father's bigamy case.

Reese's two older children Ava (13) and Deacon (8) have fairly normal names, probably because she had them while she was still married to Ryan Phillippe and before the craze of jaw-droppingly bad celebrity baby names started. And honestly, Tennessee isn't so bad. At least it's a state and not a piece of fruit. Plus, I do think it's kinda sweet how they named Tennessee after his dad, but as his middle name.

In any case, congratulations to the happy parents!

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