16 Essential Beauty Tips Just for Redheads

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When it comes to makeup, being a redhead can be tough. Where to begin? There are essentially zero foundations light enough for your super-pale skin, all eye makeup seems too dark, certain colors clash with your hair and having see-through eyebrows makes filling them in seem like an impossible task. Makeup that may seem great for your less fair-skinned friends can overwhelm your face and seem too intense.

That's why we've compiled some of the most necessary beauty tips for redheads who just don't know where to start — and yes, that includes product recommendations.

1. Wear sunscreen every day

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Listen up! If there’s one thing that I can’t stress enough, it’s that SPF is your best friend. If you aren’t wearing a daily moisturizer or foundation with at least SPF 30 then you could be doing some serious damage to your delicate, delicate skin! As redheads, we’re just too pale to save sunscreen for beach days. I hate to break it to you, but the sun’s out every day — yes, even in winter and on rainy days.