The Daily WTF: Man Channels Two-Face In Novelty Driver’s License Photo

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Redditor adambard novelty driver's license Canada

Those of you who think you're stealthy for lying about your weight on your driver's licenses, this guy has you beat. Redditor adambard decided that when he renewed his license, he'd go for a “novelty” one: By shaving half of his head and half of his beard. And because adambard is creative, he did this on opposite sides of his head. You can see the result above, and I'd say he pulled it off.

Of course, Redditors are (jokingly) giving him shit for effectively preventing himself from ever committing a crime—seeing as the cops now know what he looks like with and without a full head of hair, and with and without a beard. But seeing as he's Canadian, they point out, it's not like that would ever actually be a problem.

My favorite comment comes from pile_alcaline:

If he ever goes on the run, he could shave it on the opposite sides to really confuse them.

“wait, this says his beard is on the left.”

“my left, or his?”

Regardless, adambeard's story makes us smile, since we've all been through the hell of waiting at the DMV. Good for him for making the wait worth it.