16 Reasons Winter Isn’t as Romantic as Pop Culture Leads Us to Believe

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Though the first day of winter isn’t until December 21, as far as I’m concerned, the season starts as soon as Thanksgiving is over. It gets dark early, we’re all looking forward to the next big holiday, and everyone in the office is placing bets on when it’ll snow for the first time this year.

Depending on how you look at it, winter is either the last season of the year (December) or the first (January). Either way you look at it, in my book it’s the worst. Despite all the movies, TV shows, and songs that romanticize winter as a magical season filled with holiday cheer when everyone falls in love over crackling fires and mugs of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, I’ve yet to see any proof that mistletoe actually works.

Contrary to what pop culture would lead us to believe, winter is not actually a romantic season. And here are 16 reasons why.