‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Foodcap: Welcome To The Freaking Twilight Zone

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This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies were in some sort of Twilight Zone, as Cynthia Bailey pointed out. Instead of indulging in their normal healthy caloric intake, they were freaking out on each other, for basically no reason. What happens when the producers replace our Housewives food with feelings of disdain, distrust and derision? Let's watch!

Scene: Kim talks to her girl/friend Tracy Young
Food: Large coffee, fear
Kim's trying to put out her second single, and is finding that having a terrible singing voice is starting to inhibit her singing career. She chats with Tracy, her DJ lesbian pseudo girlfriend and convinces her to come to Atlanta for moral support while she works on her voice for her new single.

Who is Tracy? According to Kim:

“Tracy's a DJ And I met her because she wanted to remix “Tardy for the Party.” We'd sit there and listen to music all day and all night… And we had sex. Great. QUIVER!”

There seems to be a weird power struggle going on here. It looks like Tracy wants to be Kim's girlfriend. And Kim doesn't want people talking about them getting it on. (Even tho she sold that story to the tabloids.)

Scene: Sheree talks to her acting coach Kristen
Food: Sheree's fear and loathing

Sheree does not appear to be terribly good at acting. But that's not going to stop her from getting acting work. However, Sheree seems to think that becoming an actor means immediately getting paid bank:

“I'm a grown ass woman. With some grown ass bills.”

Hmn. Maybe She By Sheree, her clothing line, isn't doing so well? How long is that new Aston Martin gonna stay around, Sheree?

Scene: Peter makes dinner for Cynthia
Food: Fish, vegetables, resentment

Peter is pissed that Cynthia talks on the phone with NeNe when he's home. And actually tells her at one point:

“Your man is happy you have a girlfriend. But when he walks in the house, he wants your devoted attention.”

Um, maybe Cynthia is actually worried about marrying Peter because he's a crazy control freak? Guess we'll find out more about that later.

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