20 Stunning Rainbow Hair Ideas For Dark Hair

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There are soooooo many different rainbow hair ideas. We can choose from hair colors that are inspired by cotton candy to ones that literally have as many colors as the rainbow. As many options as there are, there aren't as many for those with dark hair.

If you have black or brown hair and you want to get in on the rainbow hair trend, but you're not prepared to bleach your hair white-blonde first, you'll understand the frustration of scrolling through Instagram and seeing pretty pastel hair color after pretty pastel hair color. As pretty as they may look, they might not be the most flattering or practical for you. Not to mention that even the healthiest head of hair can turn to straw when it's bleached to go from dark brown to the lightest of blondes.

We could just admit defeat and stick with our natural highlights, but there's no need to give up quite yet. Rainbow hair is for everyone and there are lots of options for each natural hair color. Sometimes it just takes a bit more searching. And we've done the legwork for you by rounding up some of the prettiest rainbow hair colors for dark hair. (You're welcome.) Take them to your stylist and use them as a jumping off point for your own rainbow hair look. Scroll through the gallery to see 20 different rainbow hair ideas for dark hair.