Rachel Zoe Is Literally Pregnant With Another Impossibly Well-Dressed Baby

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Rachel Zoe and son Skyler Berman March 2013

Oh, Rachel Zoe. How I've missed you so since your show's last season ended. My life was simply not the same without your catchphrases and nearly constant '60s-style photo shoots. It's like you were my fur hat and now you're suddenly not on my head anymore. And I don't know how to function without my Rachel hat, Rachel Zoe! Sure I also have my blogger hat and my Netflix-watcher hat and my getting-the-mail hat, but I liked my Rachel hat. It went perfectly all with my summer coats.

Well, it looks like Rachel is back in my life, and she's joining the approximately 8 million celebrity women who are currently with child. Besides Beyonce. And now Kim Kardashian. That's right. According to Us Weekly, Rachel Zoe is pregnant with her second child. Remember on The Rachel Zoe Project this season when Rachel and her husband Rodger Berman would lounge in bed in the morning mentally comparing their gorgeous bedhead and contemplating having another child? That's happening now, people! Their absurdly adorable son Skyler is going to have a little brother or sister with whom he can star in everyday sidewalk runway shows. Word on the street is the baby is already wearing a tiny fedora in the womb.

Even though this news is maj and bananas and everything and I die, I'm obviously concerned. Rachel's biggest reservation about having another baby was how busy she is. Have you heard how many hats she wears? She's a stylist and a designer, plus I hear she's legally obligated to literally go through her closet once a day discovering items she didn't know she owned. She's also allegedly paid per mention of her bangs. I hope she can put a few of those hats of hers in storage and allow herself to spend time with her growing family. I also hope she has a girl. Because let's face it, Rachel is just dying to dress a little baby girl. She has a lot of fun dressing little Sky-Sky like a mini-Harry Styles, but she lives for dresses and dresses and more dresses. Particularly maxi dresses. Save the maxis!

Congratulations, Rachel. I wish you endless gold lamé maternity maxi dresses.