Rachel Zoe Is Having Another Boy, And I’m Sure Nobody Is As Disappointed As She Is

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Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman Second annual Baby2Baby Gala November 2013

Eight months pregnant Rachel Zoe might have revealed the sex of the baby in her belly this weekend at her maj outdoor baby shower. Based on the balloon letters decorating the event, she's having a boy. Either that or she's having a boob or a yoob or a yob or an oyob or some other combination of the letters in this photo, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a boy. Unless Rachel is totally trolling us like we suspect her baby bump buddy Gwen Stafani might be. I'm not sure Rachel really knows how to troll, though, so I'm just going to assume there's really another baby boy on the way for her and her husband Rodger Berman.

Now that we know this, I'm a little worried about how Rachel's holding up since hearing the news. Let's face it, if Rachel is going to have another baby it should probably be a girl. I'm pretty sure it takes all of her strength not to dress her first son Skyler in a tiny evening dress and heels. It might be too much for her this time. Plus, you thought repeating outfits was bad? What will people say about her now that she's repeating her baby's gender? So unchic.

I can just imagine the drama that happened when she found out. I'll bet she immediately rushed to Barney's to see if she could exchange it for a girl, then double-checked her enormous closet to see if there were any vintage babies in her preferred gender that she may have missed. And then she likely scolded her Rodger for not making sure his sperm was as feminine as his haircut.

Will Rachel and Rodger keep having more and more boys until they finally get an impossibly well-dressed baby girl like David and Victoria Beckham? Only time will tell. Until then, let us all pray to the God of Fashion and His son Karl Lagerfeld to ask them why they would inflict such wrath upon their most devout follower.

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