Questionable Choices: Rumer Willis As The Face Of Badgley Mischka

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Look, we're not mean people. Lots of model's have unique faces, and that is part of their appeal. But Rumer Willis as the face (and body) of Badgley Mischka is such a clunky attempt at nepotism that the designers didn't even bother to show off their model's curves. Instead, they just cover Rumer up in a giant pink mumu, told her not to shave under her arms for a couple days, and called it a day.

If Rumer was a size-zero Kate Moss type, this might have worked. If this whole ensemble didn't make you want to look anywhere else but at the outfit (causing you to look up at her face, feel bad, and look down at the outfit again, thus creating an infinite loop of cringing), it might have worked.

But as it stands, these photos are just bizarre and serve only to highlight how weird Rumer Willis looks. We're sorry! You were so good in Sorority Row!