Questionable Choices: Kristin Cavallari’s Glass Bikini

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Once when I was swimsuit shopping, I came across a velvet maillot with the following label: “Do not wear in water.” The idea of a bathing suit that you can't wear for, well, bathing has always seemed pretty crazy to me, but I guess there's a market for “thing to wear while lounging near water, even though I refuse to go in it.”

At a party in Miami for Skyy Vodka, former Hills star Kristin Cavallari sported this really cute blue swimsuit. It turns out, though, that the suit was covered in tiny pieces of glass. Doesn't that seem like it would be a disaster to put on? One false move and you're bleeding profusely from the fingers. And I guess glass is better in the water than velvet, but wouldn't that shit be heavy?