Questionable Choices: Blake Lively Was Basically Naked At Gossip Girl’s 100th Episode Party

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Blake Lively continued to push the boundaries of how naked she can be in public and still be considered an icon of clothes-wearing at the party for Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode over the weekend. The flashy Marchesa number she chose for the red carpet had sort of a flapper-meets-Florence Welch-meets-Vegas-stripper vibe, so basically, she looked like a classier version of Paz de la Huerta:

The backside was fairly naked too, and seems to answer the question, “how might I show portions of my butt in the least erotic way possible”?

I don't want to be slut-shamey or anything, but it seems like Blake is breaking several of the fashion rules that exist for someone who's been on the cover of Vogue. Then again, if my body looked like that, I might run around wearing only pieces of a lampshade I stole from a bordello, too. What say you, readers?

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