Here Are Some Awesome Printable Oscar Bingo Cards Just For You!

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Oscars Bingo

Are you looking for a surefire way to make your 2013 Oscars party the most fun night of your entire life? Well look no further than our super awesome and crazy cool printable Oscar bingo cards that we made just for you. Combine them with our hilarious fake Oscar ballots and you're looking at the world's best party. Seriously people will write on your Facebook wall the next day, “dude I think last night will go down in herstory as the world's best party!!!”

They're chock-full of all kinds of wacky things that we're predicting will happen this year. I can guarantee that  they'll make you laugh and cry and scream in sheer delight at their absolute brilliance. And the best part (I know, I know, you didn't know it could get better), is that they're free. 100% free.

All you have to do to get the game going is print out all four boards right here: board #1, board #2, board #3, board #4. It's that easy.

Now it's the next step, the deciding how to play step, that gets a little tricky. To be blunt it really comes down to how much of an alcoholic you are and how tolerant your boss is of post-Oscars hangovers.

This is America, so let's go ahead and assume your boss totally understands when you show up to work looking worse for the wear on a Monday morning. If that's the case, you're going to want to make this a drinking game. Fill a bunch of shot glasses with a few drops of alcohol (or more, your liver, your life) and use those as your chips/coins/tokens when you check off a box. When you have a bingo, just go right ahead and take your line of shots.

Let's say you don't want to binge drink and black out on a Sunday night. But you do want to gamble. Great, you're going to play with quarters. Whoever wins gets ALL the quarters that are currently on the bingo boards.

Or let's say you're Kathy from the comic strip and you have a hankering for chocolate  That's cool and understandable. Grab some m&ms and play with those.

Or, or, or, let's say you're a lone Duggar who's gone rogue by watching mainstream TV and you're sitting all along watching it. You're going to play in your head. Because if anyone comes down to the basement, you're going to have to put all the evidence away real quick.

No matter how you play on Sunday night, we want to see it when you win. Tweet your winning boards to us @Crushabledotcom for a chance to get a retweet. Yeah, I said it. A RETWEET!

Happy Oscars! May the bingo boxes be ever in your favor!