Get Ready to Lose It Over These Adorable New Photos of Princess Charlotte

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When it comes to the Royal Family, I have no chill. Every time I see or read anything about them, my eyes turn into cartoon hearts and my brain turns to mush. I'm unable to speak any words other than “OMGOMGOMGOMG.” So imagine my reaction when I learned that over the weekend the Kensington Palace Twitter account had shared two new photos of little Princess Charlotte, who is now six-months old. (Almost seven months — where has the time gone?!)

Before you scroll down to look at these photos, make sure you're in a location where high-pitched squealing and incessant “awwing” are acceptable. If you're in a library or a quiet office or attending a funeral, maybe wait until you're home so you can properly experience the cuteness. Make a decision fast, though, because here's the first photo.

Princess Charlotte November 2015

(Photo: Twitter)

I warned you, didn't I? I mean, just look at her. Honestly. Who said this was okay? If the above photo was too much for you to handle, then you're really going to need to prepare for the next one. SPOILER ALERT: A toy dog is involved. So is beautiful baby laughter. Take a deep breath.

Princess Charlotte November 2015 2

(Photo: Twitter)

The best part of these photos (well, other than their complete and total adorableness) is that, according to Kensington Palace, Charlotte's mother Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, took them herself earlier this month at the family's home in Norfolk. So these aren't from a professional shoot, like the ones from Charlotte's christening earlier this year that made the entire universe lose their minds over the cuteness. This was just a proud mommy taking photos of her baby daughter. A proud mommy with a nice camera and excellent photography skills, but still.

I have to say, these photos couldn't have been released at a more perfect time. It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, which for a lot of Americans means the first day back to work after several days of eating, family tension and travel. Nothing could be a better remedy for the post-holiday blues than an adorable little princess. Thanks from across the pond, Kate.