Prince Harry Might Propose To His Girlfriend Soon, Crushing The Dreams Of Ginger Prince Lovers Everywhere

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prince harry harlem nyc 5.14.2013

At least Prince George will be happy about having a little of the attention taken off of him for awhile, eh?  Royal sources are in a tizzy over the possibility of Prince Harry becoming engaged “by the end of the year” to his current girlfriend, Cressida Bonas (who is currently in competition for Blanda Eggenschwiler for weirdest fucking name ever).  Get out your tissues and sad pop songs, Prince Harry lovers.  Our ginger prince might just be tying the knot and cutting off our hopes and dreams soon.

“Royal insiders” have predicted that an announcement will be made by the end of the year with a wedding taking place in the spring.  There are also claims that Kensington Palace security teams are accommodating an engagement announcement into their schedules for the year.  Harry and Cressida (I'm sorry, I just can't with that name) have been together for over a year, but their relationship hit the rocks when Prince Harry was photographed holding his junk, butt-naked, in a Las Vegas hotel suite.  It happens.

Harry, 28, got tongues wagging (I could totally moonlight as a British tabloid columnist) earlier this month when he took Cressida, 24, on a romantic African safari – because that's exactly what Prince William did when he proposed to Kate. Pssh, please.  Harry probably has his own snazzy ideas, guys.  Sidenote- she's only 24?  Gurrrrl, that is way to young to get married as a regular person, let alone signing your best years over to the paparazzi/the entire world.

Well, if you'll excuse me I'll be coming up with ways to snicker “Bonas” into as many sentences as possible today.

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