This New Photo Released For Prince George’s Birthday Will Kill You With Cuteness

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This New Photo Released For Prince George s Birthday Will Kill You With Cuteness Prince George gif


If you somehow survived the recent photos of the British Royal Family from Princess Charlotte’s christening from earlier this month, this newly released pic of Prince George should do you in for good. Kensington Palace tweeted the photo earlier today in anticipation of George’s second birthday tomorrow. That’s right, we’ve already had two whole years with this majestic little nugget. Time flies when you’re being cute.

Are you ready to see the photo? You might want to call your family members and say a final goodbye to them first, maybe specify what you want your funeral to be like and whether you want “Killed by Cuteness” engraved on your tombstone, just in case you don’t make it.

Are we all okay? Phew, that was a close one. The kind of adorableness in this photo is lethal. It should really come with some kind of disclaimer, like “Warning: Prince George looks so much like his dad in this photo, you will most likely spontaneously combust as soon as you see it. Proceed with caution.”

The image, like the ones already released from the shoot, was captured by photographer Mario Testino, who should be knighted posthaste for his very important contribution to society.

So how is the little prince celebrating birthday number two? According to People, George, his parents and his sister will be in Norfolk, “at their 10-bedroom Anmer Hall, on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate.” So, you know, pretty much how you spent your second birthday, give or take a few acres.

Of course, it helps that not only is George royalty, but his mother Kate Middleton’s family is in the party business. The only thing I can think of that would be even more awesome than that is if your dad was the heir to a burger fortune and your mom came from a long line of donut-makers. Because food.