President Obama and Osama bin Laden Meme Roundup

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Trust the Internet to make a bevy of (great) visual jokes about Osama bin Laden‘s death last night, and how badass President Obama looks as a result. Four years ago, Fox News broadcasters were mixing up their names; now, no one will make that mistake again. (Except Fox News.) We've found the best memes that have sprung out of America's momentary triumph over terrorism.

Kicking Down the Door

This .gif is from an edited video from months earlier, but it fits very well with our current situation, doesn't it?

This Neighborhood Has Really Gone Downhill


Google Maps commenters were really peeved about all the noise going on in the vicinity of bin Laden's hideout. You just can't find a good neighborhood these days…

Osama Wins Something

Good going.

President Obama Is No N00b

As if President Obama couldn't get any more badass after Osama bin Laden‘s death, the Internet's geek quadrant discovered this telling sign in his history-making tweet.

For those who don't use leetspeak, Obama's tweet saying, About to address the nation. Watch live was his 1,337th — which in the number-and-symbol alphabet translates to “leet” (meaning “elite”), the highest compliment bestowed upon another user.

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