Here’s A Comprehensive List Of Currently Pregnant Celebrities To Help You Keep Track

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Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos April 2013

Hey guys, I don't know if you know this, but all of Hollywood is pregnant except Beyonce. It's shocking, but based on my calculations, it's true. Okay, so that's obviously not true. But what is in the water these days? Everybody's announcing their pregnancies and remaining pregnant for the typical amount of time and giving birth to babies. It's insanity over in Celebrity Town, USA. It can be very hard to keep track of who's with child and who's without child and who just gave birth to a child and who once stood next to a child. It's like a full-time job to keep up. Lucky for you, Crushable has put together a comprehensive list of all the currently pregnant celebrities (or at least the ones you care about), because it actually is our job to keep track of these things. They're in alphabetical order, because who no one should rank pregnancies willy-nilly.

Hilaria Baldwin: Hilaria herself is only a celebrity because of her famous husband Alec Baldwin, but it's still worth it to keep track of the bun those two have in the oven. I'm sure their daughter will be very good at yoga.

Halle Berry: We're already jealous of how good-looking Halle Berry's baby boy with Olivier Martinez will be. And can we also talk about how good she looks pregnant? Unreal.

Rachael Leigh Cook: Our favorite movie makeover girl is having a baby, you guys! You know that baby is going to be revealed to family and friends walking down a staircase with a wind machine.

Penelope Cruz: For a time, Penelope and her sister Monica were pregnant at the same time, but Monica recently gave birth, so now it's all Penelope. It's her second child with husband Javier Bardem, and can we all agree that they're just the cutest?

Fergie: Fergie's got a new lady lump to add to her collection. She and husband Josh Duhamel are getting ready to welcome their first child. No word on if will be godfather.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: J.Love announced her pregnancy by Brian Hallisay (we had to Google him too) earlier this week, and the next day she announced her engagement. I assume they'll be married tomorrow and divorced next week.

Kim Kardashian: I don't think anyone needs a reminder about this one. Arguably the most-talked about celeb is expecting the most talked-about baby with the most talked-about-because-he's-being-terrible baby daddy, Kanye West. And we now know it's a girl.

Kate Middleton: It's still not totally clear what the royal baby's gender will be, but one thing's for sure. It'll be adorable, because Kate Middleton and Prince William will be its parents. It's a rule.

Heather Morris: I don't know about you guys, but I'd already forgotten about this one, probably because I still can't separate Heather from her not-so-smart high school cheerleader on Glee. But she's pregnant, so I guess we just have to deal.

Busy Philipps: She's a funny lady on shows like Freaks and Geeks and Cougar Town, and she'll soon be a mom for the second time.

Maya Rudolph: It seems like Maya is permanently pregnant, but there you go. This is her fourth pregnancy, and she made a funny appearance, complete with baby bump, on Kristen Wiig's SNL episode last month.

Jamie Lynn Sigler: In case you were wondering.

Jessica Simpson: This one took me by surprise last week. We hadn't talked about her or her pregnancy in a while, so I assumed neither of them existed. But she's still pregnant and still oblivious to how that works.

Kate Winslet: Kate's expecting her third child with her third husband, whose name is Ned Rocknroll, in case you forgot that was (still) his name.

Evan Rachel Wood: Evan's married to Jamie Bell and they're expecting their first child.

Kim Zolciak: This one's new, and it's occurring mere months after she gave birth to her last child. I wonder if the baby will be tardy for the due date.

Phew. That was a lot of pregnant lady celebs. And I'm sure we'll have another few to add to the list very soon. Hollywood is exhausting sometimes.

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