Possible New Names for the Kardashian/OPI Nail Polish Collection Colors

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The Sisters Kardashian have teamed up with nail polish brand OPI for a special line of Kardashian Kolors. They, of course, have cutesy names inspired by Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, and co, like “Kim-pletely in Love” and “Sealed with a Kris.” Might I offer a few more suggestions?

  • Kim-pletely Overexposed
  • Us Weekly Headline Font Pink
  • Kourt-ing Disaster
  • Sextape Silver
  • The Color Bruce's Face Used to Be Before It Melted
  • Wait, What Colors Start With K Again?
  • Momager Is A Stupid Word But So Is Fuschia
  • Engagement Ring Bling
  • We Love Taking Your Green
  • Red Like The Blood That Will Be Sprayed Everywhere When Scott Disick Finally Goes All Serial Killer