Poll Results: The Majority of You Will Take the Pill, Despite a Case of the Crazies

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Okay guys, we need to have a chat. When we said yesterday that a new study found that women on hormone contraceptives like the pill had a tendency to be a little more jealous and aggressive, we didn't mean that as a reason to not take the pill. It kind of freaks us out that despite the wide range of options available, 40 percent of you said you would never screw with your hormones, or god forbid gain a little weight to ensure that you don't get pregnant (though maybe “ensure” is the wrong word, no form of birth control is 100 percent effective, yada yada yada).

Still, we're glad for the 60 percent of you that admitted that despite the cons (the possible dreaded weight gain; fluctuating hormone levels that may or may not cause you to put a fist through your boyfriend's drywall) the benefits either far outweighed the negatives, or you never noticed much of a difference in the first place. And since we want to do our best to help you find the contraceptive choice that's right for you, we found some good resources to check out if you're considering going on — or not going on — the pill. – A comprehensive guide to your choices

Male Contraception – It exists!

Oral Contraceptives, including pills with no estrogen– It's like Diet Coke: Same great “no pregnancy” feeling, zero calories!