Point/Counterpoint: Ginnifer Goodwin’s New Haircut Is Amazing/Awkward

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Ginnifer Goodwin‘s new short-in-the-back-and-emo in the front haircut is a real point of controversy in the Crushable offices. Liana is absolutely obsessed with it, but Meghan's not so sure it quite works. We're going to settle this debate in this here blog post. Feel free to chime in with your input about Ginnifer's new look.

Point: Ginnifer Goodwin's New Hair Is Awesome (Liana)
Ginnifer's new hair, independent of Ginnifer, is awesome. It's super stylish and cut well, and it's one of those looks you can actually style a bunch of different ways: it can be totally badass or simple and sweet. On Ginnifer, the hair adds this whole edgy cool girl thing we had no idea the Big Love actress had in her. Basically she's the girl at the coffee shop in a skinny jeans, combat boots and a $200 scarf who you can't stop looking at, thinking “I'm not a lesbian and I'm not even really sure she's a lesbian, but if we both were lesbians, we'd probably date.” What? No one else has those experiences at coffee shops?

Thumbs up, Ginnifer! The short hair look at been popping up all over Hollywood lately, from Michelle Williams to Emma Watson, which I think is super cool. And I totally like Ginny's take the best.

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