Pink Nipples All the Rage In Japan

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I have never given much thought to the color of my areolae, and neither have you. I mean, thought about your nipples, not my nipples. Yikes. Now are you? Don't. Stop it. Because apparently while I've been walking around thinking that the problem most women have is either with the size of their baby-feeders, or the chance that they can be inverted (not a big deal, but I know some people are self-conscious about that), Japanese women have been dying to dye the area around their nips a lighter shade for years now.

Pink on women represent purity and virginity in Eastern cultures, and the lighter you are, the more respectable you are to dudes. Some women have been using skin creme lightner to Michael Jackson-up their breasts, while others use specifically peach-coloring to Henna their boobs the right shade. We just wonder: What does that mean for Japanese men who have light nipples? Are they made fun of for being virgins forever?