Emma Watson Shows Sideboob Again, But This Time It’s On Purpose

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Shortly after being named the classy Miley Cyrus for her ability to attract attention without trying and graceful handling of a nip slip, Emma Watson is back in the saddle with a slightly more purposeful kind of revelation.

No, I'm not talking about her inner hopes and dreams (although she does give good interview). I'm talking about the outer borderlands of her left breast, which was showing ever so slightly when she took to the red carpet last night to promote her new film The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Unlike with her obviously un-planned nip slip, this unusual and stunning Brood dress was clearly designed to show just a wee bit while leaving the rest to the imagination.

Did she use glue to get it right this time? Did she read my post and resolve to be the anti-Miley? Am I despicable for catering to all the creeps googling “pictures of Emma Watson” and “Emma Watson slip” right now? (See also: “Emma Watson crotch”, “Emma Watson panties.” COME ON, PEOPLE.) One thing's for sure: Emma Watson is, and remains, perfect and adorable.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photo: WENN