Barack Obama, Imma Let You Finish, But Mitt Romney Had The Greatest Photobombs Of All Time

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Barack Obama‘s photobombing by a couple of adorable kissing children is making the viral rounds today, and with good reason: it's legitimately heartwarming. But in our haste to laugh with/at the POTUS, let's not forget who's winning the crucial photobombing race.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney has had not one, not two, but three high profile moments photobombing in the race for president thus far, dwarfing the incumbent's one.

The first one came when an excited (disgruntled?) Chipotle manager posed next to him for a picture designed to prove Mitt Romney understands Latino voters' concerns, as he can chow down on a burrito bowl with the tannest of them:

The second came the other night when his son Tagg pulled focus from him with his murderous Patrick Bateman face:

And the third, of course, came when a stingray rudely photobombed Mitt and his favorite running mate when they were just trying to get a little “r and r” on one of their rare days off:

Barack Obama will need to step up his game if he wants to win in this key area. Of course, winning at “getting photobombed” is really losing at life, so maybe he should leave well enough alone.

Photos: @BarackObama, TheFW, Roflrazzi