Peaches Geldof’s Naked Photog Changes His Tune For Tabloids

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It's weird how I'm late to the game on stuff like this, but Ben Mills – the guy who slept with Peaches Geldof and posted pics of it on Reddit – recently sold his story to the tabloid News Of The World. You'd think selling a salacious piece like this would include tons of dirty details, but instead much of the original story has been edited and watered down. Like hey, there's no more mention of heroin or Scientology anywhere in the piece, which was like 90% of what made the tale interesting.

Which could mean either a) Ben was lying the first time he wrote about a one-night stand on an Internet sub-forum, or b) Peaches and her boyfriend Eli Roth‘s people finally got to him and “convinced” him to change his tune.

Personally, I think it's the latter. The story Ben put on Reddit was pretty consistent to what he told me about his experience with Peaches. But after Roth wrote a publicly nasty letter to his mom and what must have been constant hounding from Scientology spokespeople and Peaches' parents' lawyers alike, I'm sure the desire to put the story to rest – and to make a little money from it – was more than appealing.That doesn't mean Mills' original story wasn't the true version, just that there was no benefit from dragging Peaches name into the mud anymore than he already did. After all, you don't want to fuck with those Scientology folks.