The Daily WTF: There Is Another Paul Rudd Trying To Get Famous, And He’s A British DJ

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You all know and love Paul Rudd the charming and handsome actor, but did you know there's another celebrity Paul Rudd out there? He's a London techno DJ, and he wants to give you screaming orgasms with his booming bass wubs.

No, really. The front page of his website looks like this:

According to DJ Paul Rudd's website, Mastermix UK called him “one of dance music's hottest new DJs” and 2011 was his breakthrough year. He seems to have amassed quite a few fans on Facebook, Twitter, and various social media platforms I didn't even know existed, and his music sounds like what I imagine DJ Pauly D puts on when he brings a girl home and, in a rare moment of self-consciousness, doesn't want to seem “vain” by putting on his own hott mixes.

But as well as DJ Paul Rudd seems to be doing, the pre-existing Paul Rudd is obviously more famous, which begs the question: should he change his name? Fight Paul Rudd to the death? Or maybe what he does is different enough from what actor Paul Rudd does that it doesn't matter? If it helps, I personally volunteer to host the naked pillow fight. WATCH OUT PAUL RUDD, PAUL RUDD IS COMING FOR YOU.

Photo: Paul Rudd