Live, Laugh, Links: Patrick Wilson’s Wife And Her Self-Proclaimed Muffin Top Win The Internet Today

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• Ten non-cheesy date Valentine's Day date ideas. But wait, I like cheese. Especially cheddar. (Betty Confidential)

• Here are some things you should give up for Lent. Personally, I'm giving up Lent for Lent. (College Candy)

• We have some reasons why Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal should get together, but it's mostly just because we say so. (Your Tango)

• All of today's cool points go to Patrick Wilson‘s wife for her Twitter response to this week's Girls episode. (The Frisky)

• What to do when your boyfriend accuses you of cheating on him with your brother. Spoiler alert: break up with him and take away his copy of Game of Thrones. (Gurl)

• The one relationship rule you absolutely have to follow. (The College Crush)

• Spending too much money on babysitters? Think about starting a babysitting co-op. It's a fancy term for trading babies. (Money Crashers)

• Seven do-it-yourself body scrub recipes that smell delicious! Just do yourself a favor and don't eat any of them. (Chick Rx)

• Some Kardashian Family advice that we accidentally agree with. (Gurl)

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