Parting Tweet: The West Memphis Three Are Free Citizens Again

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The West Memphis Three is the name given to a trio of men — Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin — who were wrongly convicted of the murder of three young boys 18 years ago. The Arkansas residents, who were all teenagers at the time, were victims of poor public defense and satanic panic. Damien Echols was put on death row, and then other two men were given life sentences. However, the WM3 were finally released today after agreeing to a plea that let off on time served.

Numerous celebrities, including Eddie Vedder and Marilyn Manson, have offered support to the WM3 over the years. HBO produced a three-part documentary series called Paradise Lost, the last installment of which is currently in the editing process. Here’s the trailer:

Finally, a little bit of justice for three men who seem much like kind, decent humans who have suffered from some of the worst like imaginable.