Parting Tweet: I Think Frankie Muniz Has Too Many Cars

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Want to know something funny? When I was 14, I went bowling with Frankie Muniz. Malcolm in the Middle had just been picked up and my friends and I spotted him at the bowling alley we liked to hang out at (for the air hockey table and the alley behind the alley where we could drink watered-down vodka out of Gatorade bottles). Frankie was wearing a turtleneck and was there with his parents. He bowled a game with us and told us we were the first friends he'd made in Los Angeles — he asked nus to meet him there again the following week, but he never showed. Now he's a fancy race car driver with a million billion cars and I am a lowly blogger with a metro card.

Frankie: you made the right decision that day 12 years ago — just don't get into any more car accidents, okay?