20 Things You Must Do During Your Trip To Paris

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There are so many things to do in Paris. After all, it is the City of Light, the City of Love, the City of Amazing Cheese and the City of Cool-Girl-French-Style. The downside is that sometimes all of the choices can be overwhelming. Where does one begin? How does one possibly fit everything in?

The reality is that it won't be possible to do everything in Paris on your first trip. You still wouldn't be able to do it all if you were there for a month or even a year. In a city like Paris, there is always more to do and more to discover. However, there are some things that you definitely want to make sure you do on your first trip to really get a feel for the city. Then you can always come back and explore deeper on your on future trips. (You know they're going to happen.) Check out 20 things that you must do on your first trip to Paris.