Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: The Good Outweighs the Bad

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A strange episode last night. Leah and Corey got good and bad news about Ali's condition, Kailyn got Mirena and wouldn't stop talking about it, Jenelle inexplicably gave Keiffer a lift to jail and Chelsea was left home alone the day after her surgery. It looks like we'll have to wait until next week to get Christmas cheer, or at least a lot of adorable babies tearing into presents.


DON”T Provoke your kid
This one's directed at Jenelle's mom. Normally I'm on her side, having to deal with Jenelle's violent rudeness and raising her grandson, but cackling as Jenelle opens the world's most boring birthday presents seems like she was goading her into having a temper tantrum. The car stuff also seemed kind of mocking since she knew Jenelle had been living in hers.

DON”T drive your abusive boyfriend to jail
I just had no idea what was going on with Jenelle and Keiffer in this episode. Was she really the only one who could have given him a ride? And his entire side of the conversation was incredibly emotionally manipulative, telling her he doesn't deserve to be in jail in one breath and that he loves her in another. He played the wounded victim who'll be there waiting for her no matter how she wrongs him, when he was the one who assaulted her.

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