Justin Bieber Parody Video Transforms Into Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

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Overly Attached Girlfriend meme Justin Bieber fan video

Reddit‘s Advice Animals subreddit has evolved from anthropomorphic creature memes like Insanity Wolf and Foul Bachelor Frog to image macros with actual humans on them—consider Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Movie Critic Kid, and even newly-engaged Liam Hemsworth as Attractive Guy Dating Tips. But while a lot of these memes come about entirely by accident, with someone stumbling upon a funny photo and adding white block text, the new meme Overly Attached Girlfriend seems a bit more calculated.

It all started with a fan video. See, Justin Bieber asked his fanbase to submit videos showing the female perspective of his new song “Boyfriend” for an NBC special. Reddit quickly picked up this submission from a wide-eyed Belieber, utterly terrifying for the first nine seconds where she just stares at you. The lyrics are also hilarious, as she sings/raps about being the most attentive, involved, stalkery girlfriend ever.

Not surprisingly, Redditors started the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, for which we've collected plenty of creepy photos. The thing is, this has to be a joke; the girl must be trolling the Belieber contest, considering how smart the lyrics are and how good she is at playing creepy. (A Redditor claims to be friends with this twenty-year-old genius, but she hasn't yet commented on her video.) This is the first time, in recent memory at least, that I can think of a meme where the person was in on the joke.