Video: Watch Overly Attached Girlfriend Go From Normal To Creepy In These Bloopers

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Internet meme Laina Walker is a smart kid: The same day that we report on her Overly Attached Girlfriend meme becoming the equally funny Misunderstood Girlfriend, she releases a blooper reel from when she recorded her first viral video. In some ways this is calculated, and in some ways not: She had no way of knowing that her “Girlfriend” video for Justin Bieber would have such success as a Reddit meme, so the outtakes of her messing up the lyrics were probably included for her own amusement. But judging from the different outfits, she's also edited together goofs from her other videos that she made after she became internet famous.

Still, it's kind of fascinating to watch Laina sit around seemingly bored before suddenly switching into her OAG persona with those wide, empty eyes and creepy smile. I also laughed at all of the other songs she lip-syncs to, probably either trying out other bits or just goofing around to get herself jazzed for the actual video she's recording. Side note: I didn't realize that “As Long As You Love Me” could be just as creepy as “Every Breath You Take”! And her take on Taylor Swift‘s “You Belong With Me” is hilarious.

Suffice to say, if you find yourself constantly looking up Overly Attached Girlfriend image macros, you'll crack up at Laina's bloopers. And yes, we too would like to hang out with Kristen Wiig and eat sandwiches.