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If there's one thing that probably every YouTuber wishes for at night before they go to sleep, it is “to one day go viral,” which is right after “be loved” and “be subscribed to.” If there are any other things in addition to those things, Chesca Leigh has probably already crossed them off of her to-do list. If you don't recognize her name, you have two options: the first is that you write me a 10-page thesis paper with proper MLA citation explaining why not, and the second is that you stick around for a bit.

First things first, here's her most famous video, which, according to Anderson Cooper, won the title of Youtube's Most Watched Video of the Day over a Justin Bieber video. That's pretty impressive.

No judgement, but I hope you're now finishing Chesca's video, Sh-t White Girls Say…To Black Girls instead of looking for a way to get your essay to me. I have faith that you chose the easier of the two options but I guess I would be very impressed and forced to applaud you if you didn't.

Despite the fact that Chesca and I disagree on how amazing the Harry Potter series is (hint: she's on Team No Potter), I'm pretty certain that she‘s got this whole “entertaining people via YouTube” thing down. While we've already covered the fact that she knows just how to get laughs, it's also important to mention that she's very relatable and very, very smart. She usually uses her videos as a platform to discuss her views on social issues that she finds important and incorporates funny elements, which is a great way to get people thinking without boring them. You never know what you're going to get but whatever it is, you'll probably want to share it or, at the very least, give it a little green thumbs-up.

If you'd like to get to know her even more about Chesca, you can follow her on twitter @chescaleigh or subscribe to her Youtube channel. Or both. I'd do both.

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