17 Organizations Young Women Should Get Involved With

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We're living in a strange time. A reality TV star is President, Nazis are marching in the street, and civil liberties are on the line like never before in the modern age. 2017 has packed in enough crazy bullshit to make any sane person want to hide in a bunker. But what we need now isn't to retreat, but to resist.

It's easy to just speak against the injustices happening in the world every day. Send a few tweets, write a post on Facebook and you've done your part – right? Wrong. The only true way to make a difference and do your part is involvement. Whether this means marching in the street or making a small donation is up to you, but words just won't cut it against the issues of today.

Of the many issues we're facing in this country right now at the forefront are those concerning women's rights — particularly the rights of women who aren't white, cisgender and heterosexual. Now more than ever, women's rights, choices, and opportunities are being threatened. And nothing will change if we don't change it. Old white men have had their time in the sun for long enough, it's time for women to shine. Keep reading for great organizations that anyone, but especially young women, should get involved with.

1. She Should Run

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She Should Run is an organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap in politics by getting more women to run for public office. They are a nonpartisan group that works to help women of many different backgrounds and political leanings to run for office. Women are underrepresented in the over 500,000 elected offices in the country and the group is working to get 250,000 or more women to run for office by 2030 to even things out. With more women in office, we get more role models for young girls, more points of view, and more women making decisions FOR women. Long are the days where women are unlikely to be elected because they're “too emotional” – especially since we have a male president who goes on a Twitter rant everytime he gets a little offended. It's time for females to make real impacts in their community through public service.

Volunteer here or nominate a woman to run here. You can also join the groups “incubator” here, which works to help women already attempting to run for office find resources and support.