A Definitive Ranking of 32 Flavors of Oreo

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Oreo cookies are some of the most delicious items on this planet. While everyone knows what the OG Oreo is like, in recent years, oreo has been stepping up their cookie game by creating new Oreo flavors using other popular foods. It's a genius idea that both keeps things exciting and keeps the brand relevant.

I'm sure you're wondering. Just how many oreo flavors are there? Over 50!? Isn't that so many?? Personally, I love trying every single one because I'll never stop looking for a great cookie. This list is comprised of 32 flavors and ranked according to, well, the flavor. Duh. Not all are included because I'm only human and haven't had the honor of trying every single one. (Let us know where you'd squeeze in some of the ones missing!)

Word to the wise. seasonal Oreos such as spring, Halloween, and summer aren't included because they're the same as the original Oreo in flavor, just different colors and therefore unimpressive. Fun, but not what we're looking for.
Before you get through this list, you'll be craving all the flavors of the finest sandwich cookie in town. You're welcome.

32. Berry


Yuck. That's really all I have to say. These are all awful. The berry flavor is a bit nauseating and doesn't go well with the oreo chocolate flavor at all. I don't pass up on cookies often, but this berry oreo is a definite, “No, thank you.” It was all too artificial tasting.

31. Candy Corn


Candy corn is gross as a candy. So, it's gross as a cookie, just not as intolerable. These were ok. Kind of sweet but completely forgettable. Candy corn oreos will not be making it into my house this Halloween. They can stay in the store next to the real Candy Corn.

30. Chocolate Covered Strawberry


I've never been more disappointed by a cookie. Chocolate? Yum! Strawberries? Yum! Chocolate covered strawberries? The best! These chocolate covered strawberry Oreos? BAD! Completely missed the mark and tastes nothing like the sweet fruitiness of chocolate covered strawberries. Tried once, never again.