19 One-Pot Dishes Perfect For Inexperienced (or Lazy!) Cooks

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If you're a lazy or inexperienced cook, you know the pain and effort that is cooking one really great meal. There's the meal prep, the actual cooking (and having to do it right!), and then the cleanup. The cleanup is hands down the worst part. Especially if you don't have a dishwasher. The whole ordeal is time-consuming.

These recipes will change all of that. They can all be prepared in just one pot! And if you're feeling daring/extra lazy, you should just eat it out of this very pot. Which means no extra dishes. None. Zero. And that is only one thing that makes them so great. The flavors are truly amazing.

Once you're done making the (mostly) dinners on this list, head here to make some dessert. Read ahead to make some quick weekday meals that you have (most likely) never had before.

1. Red Pepper Pasta

If you love pasta, but get tired of spaghetti then try this flavorful dish!

The red peppers add a sweet taste and some creaminess is added by a healthy dose of cream cheese. Make this one in less than 30 minutes with fresh ingredients.
Find the easy to follow recipe here.