Video: Sorry If You Die Laughing At This Bad Lip Reading Of A One Direction Song

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g x factor final 091212Are there geniuses in the world who are more genius-like than the good folks over at Bad Lip Reading? I don't think there are. They take something recognizable, like presidential candidates speaking or clips from Twilight, and they do a bad lip reading of it. They dub their own voices over the subject's, and say weird random things that have nothing to do with the actual content of the video, but everything to do with what the person's mouth is doing.

So for this one, they've taken the video for a One Direction song and turned it into a foreign language film called ‘SPARROW PICO'. You guys, I can't handle it. There's not a lot that makes me laugh out loud, but I did watching this. With their other music videos, they usually make up another song and just sing that one over the existing video, but for this project they re-edited the video and used spoken voices for each of the guys. But naturally they aren't speaking English…they're speaking some kind of Sim-language that is completely hilarious.

The guys are scattered in different locations, and as the video goes on they all come together for some kind of spooky ritual called Shadow Pico. Harry Styles is the one who does the summoning, of course, because he's the fanciest and if they don't let him be the star, Taylor Swift will take their remaining virginities and write a song about it. We don't get to see the whole film, just the teaser, but if my instincts are correct, it looks like the 1D boys are fixin' to eat some camp kids just as soon as they finish their ritualistic chanting.

If you want to see the whole thing, I'm sure it'll be at Cannes next year. It's supposed to be brilliant.