Let’s Round Out The Olympic Games With These Videos Of Olympian Victory Dances

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Team USA has brought plenty to the 2012 Olympics so far, excelling in various sports including gymnastics and beach volleyball. But they have a unique way of marking those feats of athletic prowess: By breaking into a dance after. I don't blame them—if I won the gold, you wouldn't be able to keep me still after. With only a few days left til the closing ceremonies on Sunday, let's enjoy these videos (or .gifs) of athletes letting loose. They deserve it, after all their training!

Serena Williams' “Crip Walk”

At first I thought that people were calling Williams' post-gold medal moves a “gangster” dance just because she was black, but apparently this move is actually called the “crip walk.” Perhaps because of its association with the LA gang, several commentators were not amused. However, Williams later defended herself, saying simply, “It was just me. I love to dance.” (I like this version better than the five-second one of her dance because you also get to see her sister Venus‘ delighted reaction.)

Misty May-Treanor's Victory Jig

Misty May-Treanor Olympics dance volleyball win gif

Who said white girls can't dance? Misty May-Treanor has also been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, so it's not surprising that she'd choose to express her excitement with a little jig. Although I wish there were a .gif of her partner Kerri Walsh‘s reaction.

McKayla Maroney Teaches Jenna Bush How To Dougie

In her role as Today show correspondent, Jenna Bush rode along with the girls' gymnastic team on a tourist bus… and then made herself look like an out-of-touch old person trying to dougie along with McKayla Maroney. Make sure you don't miss Gabby Douglas‘ reaction at the end, too.

But wait! It's not just an American thing!

Ezekiel Kemboi's Moves Like Jagger

The best part is when the camera pans to Mick Jagger, who looks mildly confused.