Jason Sudeikis And Olivia Wilde Are Having A Baby, Proving They Weren’t Making Up All Those Sex Stories After All

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Ever since Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis first started dating each other, they've regaled us with stories about their sex life. So many stories that I started to doubt that they'd ever had sex. Kinda like the boys in your freshman year dorm who claimed to lose their virginity at 14, yet still blushed when they caught a glimpse of a girl walking by them in a bathrobe. But it looks like I should've given them the benefit of the doubt because they're having a baby! Which is a result of having sex!

Their reps confirmed the news to People earlier tonight. However they refrained from saying, “as you know our clients have so much sex that it was clinically impossible for Olivia to not get pregnant at some point.” While we don't know any more details about this child, we do know that it will 100% regret googling its parents' names. Mostly because no child should ever learn that his/her father lost weight from having copious amounts of sex with his/her mother. Let's all collectively gag now on behalf of this unborn child having to read all these stories on the interweb.

And than congratulate Jason and Olivia  Sexcapades aside, I think they'll be awesome parents who will raise an awesome kid.